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Cautious optimism on Henry’s Globe

John Henry’s recent speech to the Boston Chamber of Commerce has been eagerly dissected by media-watchers here in Boston who want to know what kind of changes Henry will make at the paper that sets the tone for the New … Continue reading

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The Kellers, cancer and the columnist

The Keller family is getting slammed across the Web today, and I think rightly so. Both columns come across as insensitive at best and they expose the authors’ complete failure to grasp social media. Like a curmudgeonly weekly newspaper editor … Continue reading

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How to fix weather coverage

I, along with most of the civilized world this week, have been doing a lot of eye rolling as media outlets went full bore on the “arctic vortex” this week, either acting like it’s never been cold in January before … Continue reading

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Return of the blogger

I’m back! I took sort of an unofficial hiatus from the blog over the past couple of months (well, let’s face it, most of the year) for two reasons: I got a new job and my wife and I had … Continue reading

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