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What does the newspaper of the future look like?

Like all brilliant ideas, it came to life in a bar. It was after some event, I think a local selectmen’s debate, that my paper the Whitman and Hanson Express had hosted. My boss, Duxbury Clipper Publisher Josh Cutler, and … Continue reading

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Reporters are people too

When I first started working as an editor at a weekly newspaper, we got two very different complaints within a few day of each other. Everyone who has ever worked at a college or small-town paper has probably had to … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a critic, and a photographer, apparently

Know I’m over a week late to this, but I wanted to at least briefly weigh in on this article BU professor Dan Kennedy wrote for Nieman Lab last week about a young photographer whose photos of conservative politicians are … Continue reading

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Long content on the Web will work – if it looks good

In my last post, I talked about how newspapers should be designing their content with social media in mind – as a distribution mechanism and a totally new way that people process information, not just a share button. This approach … Continue reading

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Captain Obvious reports: Fact checking is good

If you’re a media watcher, your Twitter list/RSS feed/etc. has been overloaded in the past week with endless versions of the debate over fact checking and its value to journalism. Sometimes it takes a comedian to cut to the truth … Continue reading

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