First! Post, that is.

Making the jump to WordPress here after playing with some other formats/ideas. For a while now I’ve wanted to get back into blogging, and I tried playing around with Tumblr, but I don’t think that’s going to work for the more long-form ramblings I had in mind. (I was actually hoping that I could transfer my last couple of blogs from my Tumblr here, and I may still do that if I can figure out how to back date posts.) I think I’ll still keep that, but what I post there will probably change, more quick hit stuff, photos from the beat, etc.

So what will you see here? A couple different things.

First a bit about me. I’m not doing this under a pseudonym or anything, I’m a reporter for the Brockton Enterprise, where I cover cops and courts, as well as the communities of Easton and Stoughton, special projects and anything else that comes up. (I tweet way too much @justingraeber, follow if you’re interested.)

I used to be the editor of the Duxbury Clipper, where I led a staff and did everything from write the stories to layout to taking photos and video. I also served as the general manager of the company, keeping an eye on circulation numbers and the bottom line for a group of weeklies.

This blog will probably be a little free-form, but I mostly see it being about media criticism and thoughts on journalism in general, with a focus on new media and how the industry as a whole will move forward. I’ll also share the occasional anecdote into life as a working reporter, although you won’t see anything here that wouldn’t be OK to print in the paper. (No politics, either.) That was originally my idea for the Tumblr blog until I realized I couldn’t write short posts. Since I work for a Gatehouse paper I’m not going to touch any story about people I work with, and I won’t write anything elaborate about any news concerning the company, although I may just pass along a link/story without comment.

Welp, that’s probably twice as long as an intro post should be. Thanks for reading.


About justingraeber

PR pro and media geek. Sucker for new technology, gadgets, social media, etc. Dad. Red Sox fan. Remembers way too many MST3K quotes.
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